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Education Tour

More and more schools and institutes have realized the importance of Educational Study Tours for school children which brings all their subjects {History / Geography / Science / Economics / Mathematics / Commercial Studies / English & Hindi} alive in front of their eyes, makes factory visits an experience where they see raw materials converted into a product which is used by them in their daily life. Also learning practically more about our country’s history, geography, culture, traditions and different stories about different incidents and events happened in the past. Even the parents are satisfied that their children learn while they enjoy. From the schools point of view the students score a maximum of 20 marks per subject for their board exams.

Apart from just conducting the tour we also arrange professional guides and lectures in different educational subjects with organized factory visits, local village/market surveys, guidelines to products/brands surveys and cater to other requirements of the institutions.

We are hereby providing reasonable & acceptable rates for experiencing the most historical and artistic cultural heritage places including wild life sanctuaries.

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